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  • Coir Fibre Exporters from Pollachi,Tamil Nadu, India.

    Your eco-friendly supplier of
    all Coir Fibre Products

    SMS Exporters is one of the quality Coir Fibre manufacturers, suppliers and exporters based in Tamil Nadu, India and have a very good reputation for supplying Quality Coir Fibre. We integrate our supply with the customers requirements.


    Coir Fibre Exporters,Coir Fibre Manufacturers,Coir Fibre Suppliers

  • Curled Coir Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from India

    International - Coirpith, Cocopeat,
    Coirpith blocks Exporters

    SMS Exporters is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Coir Pith blocks from South India and they manufacture the world's best growing medium.


    Coir Pith Exporters,Coir Pith Manufacturers,Coir Pith Suppliers,India

  • Curled Coir Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from India

    Curled Coir Manufacturer, Exporter
    and Supplier from India

    SMS Exporters is a Coir Rope manufacturing company in India specialised in processing and exporting eco-friendly Coir Ropes for sustainable agriculture and industrial usage.


    Curled Coir - Curled Coir manufacturers,Curled Coir exporters India

  • Fully Husked Coconuts

    Coconut Products like Tender Coconut,
    Semi and Fully Husked Coconut

    We are one of the distinguished Coconut Copra manufacturers and Fully Husked Coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu, South India, well known for Coconut Cultivation.


    Coconut Product Exporters, Coconut Product Manufacturers

SMS Exporters Coconut Products

Fresh Coconuts

Fresh Coconut Manufacturer and Exporters in Tamilnadu, IndiaThe Coconuts are picked up from our own farms at Pollachi in India. The Coconuts after plucking are segregated and properly graded, cleaned, and packed. We do offer Tender Coconuts, Semi Husked Coconuts and Fully Husked Coconuts.


Coconut Copra

Coconut Copra Suppliers and Exporters in Tamilnadu, IndiaCoconut Copra is derived from mature Coconuts. The Coconuts are dried and the dehydrated fruit is removed from the shell. This Copra has a long shelf life and finds application in the food industry, confectionary trade and the oil extract industry. These Coconuts are also used for extracting Coconut oil of high graded quality.


Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts

Hully Husked and Semi Husked Coconut Exporters in South IndiaWe supply Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts and these natural Husked Coconuts are available in different ranges. They are widely used for culinary purposes and different medical applications. SMS Exporters are well known for the supply of Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts due to various aspects, say, taste and nutrients content.


Tender Coconuts

Tender Coconut Exporters and Suppliers in Tamilnadu, IndiaThe natural Tender Coconut supplied by us is acquired directly from the Coconut groves. Well known for it’s richness in taste, they are perfectly healthy to use and eat. Our Coconuts are usually grown with the methodology of organic farming. Moreover, you can avail them at affordable rates. Besides, the company is widely known and holds esteem in India as one of the leading Pure Tender Coconut Suppliers and Natural Fresh Coconut Exporters.

Coconut shell based Charcoal

Coconut Shell based Charcoal Exporters in IndiaSMS Exporters is one of the distinguished Coconut Shell based Charcoal suppliers in India. The Coconut Shell based Charcoal is a derivative of the Coconut shell after it has been burnt under regulated conditions. It is economical and eco-friendly and is used as a fuel in various industries. It plays a major role as an essential raw material in the production of Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon. As a Charcoal manufacturer, we produce premium quality charcoal in India. Advanced techniques are applied to deliver only the best quality Products.

Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon Exporters in Tamilnadu, IndiaCoconut Shell based Activated Carbon is used in water purification plants and this by product of Coconut does not have any toxic properties, and hence is ideal for this application. SMS Exporters is one of the Activated Carbon exporters who adhere to the customers specfications in manufacturing the product due to it's huge raw material availability.

All the Coconut by Products and Coconut Coir Products are naturals and do not have any adverse effects in their usage, and can be stored and used safely.

Our Vision

"The long term usage of these natural Products help in reclaiming, setting right the balances and ultimately give to our children the good earth, the way God made it! And to make this dream possible we aspire to reach heights as a global leader in the coir export business."


"We discovered a new world of services under coir business and it is a rewarding experience doing business with SMS Exporters. They adhere strictly to their commitments. We wish for a long term relationship with them…"

-James Andrews